The Six Metre - 100 Years of Racing

  Pekka Barck
Tim Street
ISBN: 978-952-5045-31-4
Rek. pris: 65
Bindning: Hard cover

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"The Six Metre – 100 years of racing" has been prepared by Pekka Barck and Tim Street and since January 2007 supported by Olin Stephens, Ian Howlett, Basil Carmody, Matt Cockburn, Philippe Goetz, Juliene Hempel, Björn Storsberg, Bernard Haissly, Claes Ahlin, Peter Norlin, Torben Grael and tens of other contributors. The rule and development of the class, all major trophies and races, country specific stories, designers, statistics, tables and some yachts are presented in the 304-page, 4 pound coffee-table book having all you need to know and much more about the Six-Metre class.

All this is salted with tens of anecdotes and hundreds of pictures by Patricia Lascabannes from France, Beken & Sons from UK, Abel from Norway, Bertil Norberg from Sweden, Edwin Lewick from USA, Katrin Storsberg from Germany, Gilles Favez from Switzerland, Ari Thiel and Hannu Bask from Finland and many others.

There are be two different editions of the book:
1) A numbered and hand made collector’s edition in leather, limited to 100 copies
2) The normal edition


yachty (03-10-2013)

A must have for metre lovers!
Simply stunning it is a fascinating history of the class. With a lot of rare high quality pictures in a large book beautifully presented it is very easy to see this a coffee table which it does well at. However it is much much more with fascinating history of the builder, boats, innovation, people, designer and an extensive class register. This book has clearly been a labour of love to make!

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Chris S. (22-11-2012)

Superb 6-Metre History and Introduction
A fine, coffee-table format book with many photos and illustrations. A now-classic book for a classic sailboat class, it covers design, designers, and development of the still-active 6-metre class.

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Team 6 mR Vanvouver, Recension
Tristan Schön (23-01-2012)

Book Review: “The Six Metre - 100 Years of Racing”
If you consider yourself a 6 meter enthusiast, and have not yet picked up a copy of “The Six Metre - 100 Years of Racing”, I highly advice you do so immediately. I was lucky enough to receive a copy during my trip to the 2012 6 Meter World Cup, in Helsinki, and recently found a nice quiet weekend to give the book the focused attention it deserves. This beautifully produced coffee table book, by Pekka Barck and Tim Street, is the most complete international record of these famous boats published to date. Released by Finnish publisher Litorale, the book was 9 months in the making and includes contributions from class experts, sailors, designers and photographers a-like. A true international effort, highlights include an introduction by Olin Stephens, who was 99 at the time of publishing.

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T.G. Weaver (18-10-2009)

A Fine Centennial Book
This is a fine overview of 100 years of sailing some of the most beautiful and exciting boats in the world.

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Voiles & Voiliers, Recension
Hervé Hillard (25-09-2008)

Célébration The Six Metre - 100 Years of Racing
Appréciation Voiles et Voiliers : @@@@ Summary translation: In conclusion, this bible of 300 pages brings together all that a lover of these beautiful hulls might wish: history, stories and anecdotes. The architects, the builders, the plans. Photos and documents. And also the 1224 predecessors of Sara af Hangö… Strengths: a summum of quality and passion, both its text and its photos. Weaknesses: It’s in English and two or three photos are surprisingly unworthy of this volume. Read full article in French at:

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Wooden Boat (USA), Recension
Chris Museler (19-09-2008)

The Six Metre - 100 Years of Racing
...the chapters and text are tight little nuggets of detail that need not be read in order.

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P. K. Smith (10-09-2008)

Quite Wonderful
This has been called a coffee table book. It is not. Its an authorative and fascinating study of the Six Metre class from its initiation right up until the present. Anyway one with even a vague interest in these boats or the International Rule will be enthralled.

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M. Cockburn (03-09-2008)

Fantastic history, beautiful photos
This comprehensive history of the 6 metre class covers racing and anecdotes of these sleek yachts developed under the International Rule through 100 years of existence. There are several profiles of the famous boats, such as US 81 Goose, N 80 Elizabeth X, and SUI 77 Fleau, as well as national histories, significant trophies and competitions, and hundreds of photos, many of which have never been published before. The book has real heft and is printed beautifully.

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Statens maritima museer, Notis
Inga-Lill Ankarberg (05-05-2008)

Maj månads bok är The six metre – 100 years of racing av Pekka Barck och Tim Street
The Six Metre – 100 Years of Racing är den första fullständiga boken om sex:or som skrivits. Många tusen seglare har haft nöje av dessa båtar under de senaste hundra åren. Mer än 1 200 sex:or har byggts och nästan alla hade en unik design, byggda för att vinna tävlingar.

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Seilas, Norway, Recension
Mikkel Thommesen (14-03-2008)

Praktverk om 6-meterne
De mange flotte bildene og intressante historierne gjoer boken både lesverdig og till en pryd for kaffebordet.

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Frisk Bris, Recension
Henry Ericsson (15-01-2008)

Stilig sexmetershistorik
"The Six Metre - 100 Years of Racing". Så heter Pekka Barcks och Tim Streets nyutkomna praktverk om sexmetersklassens öden och äventyr. Det är frågan om en imponerande volym, formatet är häftiga 24 cm x 34 cm, med anspråk på största facket i bokhyllan. Sidantalet är också imponerande...

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Sail (USA), Notis
Kimball Livingston (21-12-2007)

Innovators, Sailors, and Good Reads
I love strong statements, and Pekka Barck kicks off these 304 pages by declaring: "The International Rule is the most important development class rule in yachting history. It has been the backbone of yacht racing for 100 years." ... The Six Metre – 100 Years of Racing is authoritative, satisfying to hold, lush and lovely to see. Some of you will just have to have it (you know who you are).

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RNSA Journal, Notis (21-12-2007)

Pekka Barck and LtCol Tim Street have prepared an exceptionally informative history of the boats.

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